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Property Development Professional. Health and Fitness Fanatic. Avid Traveller.

Jonathan Pollen is a London-based property developer. In his current position, he has worked to secure an incredible network of highly-trained developers and real estate agents.

Though work keeps him busy, Jonathan enjoys taking trips to Europe when he can find the time. His work demands he stay in excellent physical shape, so he works out regularly and enjoys playing sports like rugby, football, and cricket. When in Europe, he also snowboards and skis.

Having been in the Army, Jonathan Pollen has gained a deep understanding of the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. His experience in the military has allowed him to develop a passion for working with individuals in high-risk situations. He has the necessary skills and knowledge to help resolve their security needs. His love for playing sports as well has allowed him to develop a deeper understanding of the importance of staying fit.